Sam Davison was a US Marine that spent considerable time in the South Pacific during the Second World War. His time on the island of Guam changed his life and his underwater experiences in the oceans of Guam proved to be the driving force in his life.

In 1948 he went to the University of Miami to study engineering with a dream to develop the technology of the dive regulator. Upon reading an article in the July 1953 edition of Popular Science on how to build your own diving lung, his dream was in focus. Sam borrowed $10,000 from his mother and with this loan he built his first regulator the R-1 double-hose regulator.

Borrowing the first two letters of his last name and the first three of the word "corporation," he came up with the name DACOR in 1954. DACOR introduced their first regulator in 1955, named "Dial a Breath." This regulator started a manufacturing frenzy. Sam worked on the R4 and the C3 regulators, he also helped develop the first single hose regulator, called the "DACOR Dart."

Sam originated the idea for the "Glo-Top" snorkell and the larger barrel snorkell, then went on to develop a curved snorkell designed to adapt to your head in 1960. DACOR was known as the most innovative dive equipment manufacturer in the 1960's.

Sam did everything it took to keep the trust of the divers he outfitted.

DACOR was "The Professional's Choice." In 1987, Sam passed away and DACOR was sold to Mares in 1998.

DACOR & Sam Davison have gone on to become Legends in Diving.

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