Great White Shark attack victim, filmmaker and expedition leader RODNEY FOX was born in South Australia on 9th November 1940. He is happily married to Kay and they have three children Andrew, Lenore and Darren and 7 grandchildren.

Rodney Fox was attacked by a Great White Shark and badly bitten around the chest and arm in December 1963. His story of the attack and escape has been published many times. He is regarded as a miracle survivor of one of the world's worst shark attacks. His abdomen was fully exposed with all ribs broken on his left hand side. His diaphragm was punctured, lung ripped open, scapula was pierced, spleen was uncovered, the main artery from his heart was exposed and minutes away from his veins collapsing due to the loss of large amounts of blood. Tendons, fingers and thumb in his right hand were all cut and to this day he has part of a Great White tooth embedded in his wrist.

Rodney went on to build the first under water observation cage to dive the Great White Shark and has now led 100 major expeditions to film and study his attacker. He is regarded as a world authority on the Great White Shark and has a great reputation as an expedition leader and producer of sharks. It is estimated that Rodney has been involved in some way with 90% of all prominent White Shark images taken world wide, in the 20th Century.

Since Rodney's attack by a Great White in 1963 his involvement with the giant sharks include consultant, guide, expedition leader, hunter, film producer, photographer, coordinator, actor, diver, cage designer, protector and more. For a decade after recovering from his attack, Rodney made his living as a professional abalone diver. This meant spending thousands more hours in the cold waters of South Australia—famed for their population of great white sharks, and exactly where he’d been savaged. This wide variety of experiences gives Rodney a huge repertoire to travel the lecture circuit.

Famous filmmakers for the movies Jaws and Blue Water, White Death, National Geographic specials, ABC’s 20/20, Wide World of Sports and many others have used Rodney to arrange their white shark filming.

Rodney and Kay have opened the "Rodney Fox Shark Experience” a Shark Museum and Nautical Gift Shop. The museum features Rodney's private collection of displays and items from a lifetime filmmaking and research on the ocean. The displays feature Great White Shark models, cages from the film "Jaws", giant fossil teeth plus photos and video highlights from many films that he has been involved in.

When he is not talking to groups of people in his shark museum, Rodney's time is spent consulting and coordinating film crews and arranging and guiding tourist adventure trips and expeditions specializing in Great White Sharks, Whale Sharks, crocodiles and other marine creatures.

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