For most of Patrick Noel Evans' adult life he and his brother, AtJee, not only opened up the undersea delights of the Cayman Islands to countless tourists but also brought them a distinctly Caymanian experience, promoting both a deep love of country and passion for diving.

Patrick was already a proficient snorkeller and spear fisherman when he learned to dive as a young man of 23. His brother, who was an instructor for dive pioneer Bob Soto, introduced him to the sport. In 1978, he was certified as a YMCA Teachers' Assistant, and started his 19-year career in the dive industry in which he dove three of four times nearly every day. After becoming certified, Patrick worked with Bob Soto for 4 years.

In 1982, he and his brother came across a tourist, a lawyer from Chicago named Robert Barclay, who came to Bob Solo's to learn to dive but the dive operation was booked up. They offered to teach him and his grandson and he was so impressed with their professionalism and kindness that several days later Mr. Barclay gave them $50,000 to buy a boat, a compressor and tanks so they could start their own dive operation. All he wanted in return was to come to the Cayman Islands to dive whenever he wanted and for the Evans brothers to teach his family to dive. Two years later, Barclay bought into the company, Quabbin, investing enough to purchase two more boats.

Over the years, their business grew from word of mouth and professionals - doctors, lawyers and judges - would come from all over the United States to dive with them. After retiring from diving in 1999, Patrick operated The Great Escape - a 34-foot houseboat that was used to take guests of Treasure Island out snorkelling to Stingray City and other popular spots.

Now fully retired to Cayman Brac, he says what he misses most is the North Wall on Grand Cayman and Bloody Bay - the best diving he's ever seen.

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