Mike Ball Dive Expeditions is the leading live-aboard dive company in Australia and Papua New Guinea and is synonymous with world-class dive sites and exceptional customer service

The company is now recognised as one of Australia’s most successful with 3 twin hull live-aboards. Catamaran designs have been chosen for all of the vessels to provide unsurpassed comfort and stability. Mike Ball is now recognised as one of Australia’s most successful diving pioneers and Mike Ball Dive Expeditions has many firsts to its credit:

1969 - Started Dive School in Townsville
1969 - First Australian dive school to use cylinder pressure gauges and BCD’s.
1981 - Acquires the world’s first custom built twin hull dive vessel – ‘Watersport’
1981 - Built what is still Australia’s most hi-tech dive shop and training facility
1986 - Built ‘Supersport’ – which created a new standard in live-aboards
1989 - Built ‘Spoilsport’ – which is Australia’s #1 live-aboard
1990 - Expanded operations into Cairns
1992 - Queensland Tourism Awards – Best Tour Operator
1996 - Opened sales office in North America
1997 - Expanded operations into Papua New Guinea
1997 - World’s first formal Solo Diving program
1997 - Built ‘Paradise Sport’ – most comfortable and luxurious live-aboard to operate in Papua New Guinea
2000 - Centralized all operations to head office in Cairns

Two services unique to Mike Ball Dive Expeditions are the Safe Scuba System and the Safe Solo Program. With the Safe Scuba System, dive site selection is based on the best diving that can be found and not compromised by divers with less experience. Novice divers are given complimentary orientation dives by the staff to orientate them to the specific conditions while the more experienced divers are not restricted. Mike Ball Dive Expeditions introduced a formal Solo Diving Program on the vessels, which allow suitably experienced and equipped divers to dive on their own. This has proved extremely popular with underwater photographers and diving professionals who often have a need to dive without a buddy. These twin hull catamaran vessels provide more space and comfort with less rock and roll. Special services include one crewmember for every 3 guests, exceptional meals, underwater photo & video service, unlimited diving, nitrox and solo diving.

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