Margo Peyton (USA)

Margo Peyton (USA)

Significant Career Achievement and/or Industry contribution.

Driven by the desire to share her love and passion for the ocean with her own kids, Margo began to research family-friendly dive resorts around the world. Having discovered none, she founded and developed Family Dive Adventures and Kids Sea Camp, which provides places where families can go and dive together, “giving them a week that they’ll remember forever.”

Since its inception in 2000, Kids Sea Camp is responsible for more than 7,000 youth diver certifications including some high functioning special needs adults and children. Margo works with local tourism boards, schools and churches, to bring much-needed funds, donations and education to children in need around the world. She has continued to work with local schools, and host marine-oriented seminars and educational presentations on plastics, environmental issues, as well as the need to ban shark finning and whaling.

Margo has created the world’s largest family dive event, spanning the globe in Cayman Islands, Palau, Yap, Bonaire, Belize, Bay Islands Honduras, Fiji, the Galapagos Islands, Mexico, Maldives, Philippines, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Curacao, St. Lucia, Dominica, and Australia.

Margo Peyton was born in Cape Cod Ma., and has the ability to inspire and motivate people to go beyond their self-perceived borders and discover their inner adventurer is unmatched. She is a creator and a visionary that has worked hard to support family values through creating Family Dive Adventures and Kids Sea Camp events.

An avid PADI Diver since 1989 with over 6,000 logged dives, Margo is a PADI Instructor who loves working with and teaching kids. Mother of two, Margo spent a lot of time leading scuba diving trips. On the few times she was able to travel with her family for vacations, she was unable to find resorts or destinations with fun, suitable ocean-oriented kids’ activities and programs.

A pioneer in the family dive training and travel market Margo continues to be a leader in this field. As the owner and founder of Family Dive Adventures & Kids Sea Camp and (501c) Ocean Wishes, Peyton’s efforts to connect and educate families through diving around the world has done much to help grow the industry. With 24 weeks a year, spanning 13 countries, it’s common to have 3 generations of divers on any given week. Her mission to help families to disconnect from their virtual worlds and reconnect with each other through diving and travel.

Peyton is a member of the Women Diver Hall of Fame, and the Family Travel Association’s (FTA) board of advisors and was initially the sole representative for the diving industry. She is also a PADI Amasadiver and member of the PADI Youth Advisory Committee. She is recognized as an industry authority on youth diver education. Nearly every industry dive publication seeks Peyton’s expertise for family travel and youth-related articles, including DAN, Sport Diver, Diver UK, Scuba Diving, Dive News Group, Undersea Journal, Diver and Dive Training. Peyton also works to make a difference by providing scholarships, training grants, and internships for the next generation of divers. She financially contributes to and sponsors a variety of conservation programs that address issues like marine habitat conservation and shark protection.

Her dream and friendships continue to grow connecting families, children around the world to each other and the ocean. Through her non-profit Ocean Wishes Foundation, she sponsors training grants and scholarships to local kids around the globe and inspires people of all ages and has been instrumental in growing the dive industry by inspiring younger generations and their families.

PADI Elite MSDT instructor.
2019 Beneath the Sea Diver of the year,
2018 DEMA Hall of Fame, Reaching Out Award,
2009 Women Divers Hall of Fame,
2016 SCUBAPRO Deep Elite Ambassador,
2019,2018,2017 PADI Ambassador diver,
PADI Award of Excellence in training & education,
2017 Family Travel Association’s Person of the Year Award,
The Seiko 2017 Sea Hero Award with Scuba Diving Magazine.
Over 7000 PADI youth diver certifications.
Contributor- travel writer (Dive Training Magazine, DAN, Scuba Diving Magazine, Sport Diver Magazine, Diver Magazine, Undersea Journal, and Departures Magazine.

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