Significant Career Achievement and/or Industry Contribution

International underwater filmmaker who filmed the first ever footage of a Blue whale underwater and is credited by the BBC and French television with a combined exposure of 300 million viewers worldwide.

Krov grew up in the Bahamas and started SCUBA diving at the age of 14 in 1954. He worked as a diving instructor in the Bahamas from 1955 until 1961 while attending school and University.

He has served three (3) years with U.S. Army Special Forces and is a honor graduate of the US Navy Underwater swimmers school, diving and tactical underwater operations instructor at 10th Special Forces. He obtained his commercial pilots license with single and multi-engine land and sea, helicopter and rotorcraft, instrument and DC-3 on the GI Bill that allowed all servicemen who served during the Vietnam War assisted training. He later obtained an Airline Transport License and an Australian Commercial Helicopter license. Has over 3000 hours experience much of it for diving – related French Television flying in the Arctic, Central America and the Caribbean in command of amphibious aircraft.

Worked as commercial diver for Ocean Systems was member of diving team that made the world’s first working dive using Neon gas as a diluent on a B-52 recovery Lake Michigan, 1971

He began making films in 1972. Made what BBC call the “world’s first whale film” in 1972 off the Valdes Peninsula of Argentina. Worked with his wife Ann as a two-person team filming all over the world, and with Ann produced, directed and filmed four (4) one-hour specials for the BBC. Each one of these films entered the BBC worldwide distribution system and reached a world audience of 200 million. While filming the Giants of the Vermillion Sea in 1974 off shore Baja California was the first to film Blue Whale under water.

Went to work as a director, subject originator, cameraman and aircraft pilot for Ushuaia, a magazine program for French TV, TF 1. Worked with them for 25 years and was largely credited with “making millions of television viewers dream over the 25 years of the program.” During those 25 years Menuhin was directly involved in over 45 of the one hour programs. Went on to co-produce, film and direct a series of four (4) 1-hour anthropological films with Ann and 6-month-old son Aaron in the South Pacific for Channel 4 TV in UK in 1982.

As Director of the Canal Plus Unknown Ocean Project 1992, Krov had two (2) Deep Rover 2 submersibles built that, even today, are considered to be the absolute cutting edge of submersible technology.

He was chosen twice, 1990 and 2004, to be on the jury of the `Rolex Awards for Enterprise.’ Currently serves as an Advisory Board member of the Historical Diving Society and is Chairman of the Hans Hass Fifty Fathoms Award Committee.

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