John Thet (Mayanmar for the Asian Region)

John Thet (Mayanmar for the Asian Region)

Significant Career Achievement and Industry Contribution.

Starting in 1993 from his base in Singapore, John Thet has gradually and consistently developed several multi media organizations dedicated to the promotion of safe recreational and scientific scuba diving, and the conservation of the worlds oceans.

Beginning with an initial focus on the Asian region, Thet co-founded Asian Geographic Magazine (AGM) with a mission to advocate for marine environmental sustainability through photography.  In the following years a continuous stream of the world’s top underwater photographers were featured in the magazine. Thet’s commitment to mission was illustrated by 20% of AGM’s sales profits funding the company’s research and preservation projects in Asia

In 2001 Thet’s company acquired Scuba Diver Australia magazine. He broadened its editorial scope, and re-launched it with cutting edge design and enhanced environmental content, as Scuba Diver AustralAsia (SDAA).

Thet supported his “new school” vision for SDAA by accessing his broad connections in the international diving community and getting his magazine on newsstands in 24 countries, plus developing a subscriber base in 48 countries.

In 2006, Thet became Publisher and CEO of the AGM group and under his able leadership, the magazine has gone from strength to strength, winning more than 89 awards in both the publishing and creative arena. From 2006 to 2009 SDAA became the official magazine of the PADI Diving Society Asia-Pacific, and in 2007 AGM acquired rival Asian Diver magazine.

In 2010, with a firm base in scuba diving and environmental publishing, Thet became the CEO of Underwater360 (UW360), a company that operated the largest and the longest-running  Singapore-based dive trade expo in Asia, -Asia Dive Expo (ADEX).

Using his regional and international connections, Thet pursued his vision of expanding ADEX to encompass all the major diving regions of Asia, and launched ADEX diving expositions in China, India, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Indonesia. His ADEX programs have been endorsed by industry stakeholders such as DEMA, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and the Chinese Underwater Association (CUA).

Thet is internationally recognized as a highly ethical business man with a global vision for safe and environmentally sound scuba diving. His publications have exhibited the beauties of our divers world while advocating the highest environmental standards. His pioneering ADEX dive shows have become the gathering points for the international diving industry to meet millions of divers in countries where underwater tourism is in its infancy.

Nobody in the history of the international diving industry has ever achieved this vast scale of diver integration.

With a decade-long of managing the industry “must attend” show, Underwater360 (UW360) and ADEX has seen significant growth and expansion in size and variety in Singapore and its international shows; China (since 2011) and India (running its inaugural edition in October 2019). Under his guidance, ADEX has been proudly endorsed by industry stakeholders such as the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA) from the USA, Singapore Tourism Board (STB) from Singapore and China Underwater Association (CUA) from China.In 2012, John initiative to start Historical Diving Society Asia after he met with Bob Ramsey and Leslie Leaney (Historical Diving Society, USA). As a way to educate and preserve diving history in Asia. In 2017 Scuba Diver AustralAsia once again official publications for DAN (Divers Alert Network) Asia Pacific members.

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