Darby McNee Bodden's relatively short life (27 February 1956 -17 July 1983) belies the tremendous impact he had as a dive instructor, boat captain and a first-class service provider and friend to the many tourists who took his charters. Born and raised in East End, Grand Cayman he was the son of Mr. Arturo and Mrs. Coriel Bodden and the father of four children.

For over 10 years he operated a dive charter business, based at Morritts Tortuga, East End and was a much sought-after dive master. Long before he earned his certification as a dive master, Darby's prowess as a diver was recognised by Mr. Frank Connolly, manager of the dive team at Morritts Tortuga Club back in 1968. It was Mr. Conolly who encouraged Darby to get certified and when he took the dive certification course in Florida, he passed with flying colours. Mr. Bodden also worked as dive master and boat operator on "Standing Tall", a boat owned by Mr. Burns Rutty.

Darby Bodden is recalled as the diver who would routinely free dive depths of 120 feet, walk around or lay on the ocean floor for minutes, just to delight in the environment in which he found so much pleasure.

By all accounts, he was not only an outstanding diver but was also avid and accomplished fisherman, boat captain and swimmer. He routinely swam for miles at a time off East End, one of his favorite swims being from Blakes to central East End.

His love for the ocean from which he made his living was evident to all who knew him and this love translated into extraordinary skills in every marine-related work he undertook.

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