Born the 31st of May, 1931 in Clamart in the suburbs of Paris. In his youth he had an unrequited desire to navigate. During this period after the 11 WW it was difficult to realize his dream. At 20 years old, he left Paris for Switzerland, where he became interested in educating and animating youth, doing research on the different pedagogic educational methods.

1947 - First dive in Antibes - Juan -les – Pins

1961 - He settles in Antibes and becomes immediately interested in the sea, his boyhood dream. He started diving the same year.

1963 - Passes his first diving certification.

1966 - Founded the ‘Spondyle Club’, which grew into one of the larges French Clubs, of which he still presides over.

1967 - Becomes state instructor for underwater diving. Today, he is 3rd state degree, the highest national level.

1968 - 1984 President of the Cote D'Azur regional education commission and National Instructor, member of the nation and International College.

1973 - Founded the National Association for diving Instructors ‘Les Guides de la Mer’, a professional syndicated association, of which today he is Honourary-founding President carrying on the activities of the ‘Guides de la Mer’ in the seas and oceans of the world.

1974 - With the ‘Spondyle Club’ team, he founded the ‘World Festival of Underwater Images’, the goal being to promote the underwater world, to stimulate new images and to make of this event a meeting place for everyone who feels ‘passionately’ about the sea. Daniel is President and Organizer.

1975 - President of the ‘Cote D’Azur committee of the French Federation of Studies and Underwater Sports.

1976 - National Vice President of this Federation during 4 years.

1985-1992 - Founded and organized the Festival of the Mountains and images in Antibes, (taking the example of the Underwater Film Festival), this activity he pratised with a great interest during his Swiss ‘period’.

1991 - Stimulates the creation of an European organization bringing together professionals Instructors of the Underwater Diving World, agreed to preside, this is how the C.E.D.I.P was born (European Committee of Professional Diving Instructors) the administration services are in Antibes and the head office in Anvers.

1992 - Is honoured to receive the ‘Trident d’Or’, becoming a member of the International Academy of Science and Techniques Subaquatiques of Ustica. Receives the Gold Medal for Youth and Sports.

1993 - Receives the ‘Tauchpionierpreis’ that honours the diving pioneers in Germanic countries. This was presented to him on Gose Austria on September 1993. He is the 2nd Frenchman to receive this prize; the first went to Commander Philippe Taillez.

1995 - Was elected ‘Man of the Year’ in the Diving domain by the Israeli magazine YAM.

2001 - Creator of the foundation ‘Festival of World Underwater Images’ of which he is the superintendent.

2002 - Honourary Medal of the National Federation of volunteers of Joinvillias given by the Comity Provence-Cote d’Azur-Corse-Monaco.

2003 - Knight of the order of Maritime Merit.

2005 - Received the award ‘The Historical Diving Society Hans Hass Diving to Adventure’, awarded by the Historical Diving Society USA, the 3rd to receive the prize. He is still the President of the World Festival of Image and Underwater and of the CEDIP.

Today Daniel is preoccupied in finding solutions to enable the continuity of his different creations/foundations, in particular the World Underwater Film Festival and Underwater Images, which is a major event in the diving world.

His slogan: Diving, the school of life.

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