Charles "Captain Chuckie" Ebanks was born in 1951 in West Bay, Grand Cayman to James and Christina Ebanks. Reared into a family of seafarers, he built his first boat at the age of fourteen... and has had a passion for boats ever since.

Captain Chuckle acted on his instinct and has run a successful fishing and snorkelling charter business for over two decades in his beautiful 40-foot "Black Princess". A true ambassador for tourism in the Cayman Islands, he has also held jobs in the development of the airport runway and the construction - and later, guest services - of major hotels.

As well, he found himself working many positions - including driving a school bus, pumping gas and changing tires - to assist with the medical expenses of his son, Mark, who, at birth, experienced all of the symptoms of Sudden Infant Death syndrome but was miraculously revived. Mark has since become invaluable in assisting him with the running of Black Princess Charters. He enjoys taking customers on diving and snorkelling excursions, but especially takes pleasure in fishing charters in search of giant blue marlin and tuna.

Captain Chuckie is on the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame board and Marine Conservation board, is a President of the National Water Sports Association, and has held the position of Fisheries Officer.

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