Never settling for off-the-shelf technology, Giddings constantly designs innovative camera, lighting and optical systems in film and video formats, from IMAX to high definition

Giddings is known for his underwater directing and shooting of such highly-acclaimed films as The Deep, the James Bond classics For Your Eyes Only & Never Say Never Again, and The Abyss, 20th Century Fox’s blockbuster. Giddings served as co-producer/director of underwater photography on Jim Cameron’s 1997 Oscar-winning spectacular, Titanic. His IMAX production, Whales, is garnering national attention and setting attendance records.

Giddings’ work in television has earned him several Emmys, including work on ANDREA DORIA; the 1996 co-production of Galapagos: Beyond Darwin, for the Discovery Channel; and Blue Whale: Largest Animal On Earth for the American Broadcasting Company’s World of Discovery. Three television specials, Blue Whale, Shark Chronicles and Mysteries Of The Sea, each earned Emmy Awards.

Numerous music videos and television commercials have also won Emmy Awards; gold medals at the New York Film Festival; the American Film Institute’s Best Video of the Year, and a Grierson Award.

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