Anthony Scott

Anthony Scott

Board Member

Anthony Scott grew up in Cayman Brac next to the water and has always loved all types of water sports – swimming, free diving, (no mask), belly board surfing and of course fishing.  In 1964 at the age of 17, he finished school and worked for a few months in Little Cayman at Southern Cross Club taking care of and repairing fishing reels, spear guns and taking guests on snorkeling trips.  After this he went to work at Buccaneers Inn in Cayman Brac, also operating snorkeling trips for the guests.

In 1967 at the age of 20, Bob Soto came over to Cayman Brac and did a one day scuba diving course with him, only Anthony and he continued to study his diving manual (BSAC) and taught his co-workers how to scuba dive so that he would have a Dive Buddy.  In 1968 he assisted with setting up a dive shop at Buccaneers Inn, the first and only dive shop in Cayman Brac at that time, and continued to manage the shop, as well as, service and repair all of the equipment (air compressors, bank tanks, dive tanks and all the various safety equipment.  In October of the same year, Anthony travelled to Tallahassee, Florida to attend NASDS Diving School and Became a Certified Scuba Instructor and was Cayman’s first (at that time only Mr. Soto was operating a Scuba Shop in Cayman)!


He returned to Cayman Brac and continued to manage the dive show at Buccaneers Inn.  The owners then joined with a dive tour operator club out of Miami, Florida and the dive operation was named Club Atlantis.  He continued to manage the dive shop, teach scuba, run daily trips and accompany every dive group and individual on every dive, in particular deep (decompression) dives.  On one occasion Anthony organized and accompanied four other divers including Lee Turcott of Club Atlantis Miami on a 250ft dive at Bloody Bay, Little Cayman.

In his years as a Scuba Instructor and Dive Guide he never encountered any accidents and never lost a diver, even though his skills were put to the test many time by inexperienced divers who he assisted in emergency ascents by Buddy Breathing with them and taking them safely to the surface.

Anthony is extremely proud to have been the key person in setting up and operating the first dive shop operation Club Atlantis at the Buccaneers Inn Cayman Brac, which was the beginning of an era of the Scuba Diving and Water sports industry in Cayman Brac & Little Cayman.

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